Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving woes

Well finally our landlord has decided to sell this place, yes again. Apparently she has a buyer from Florida and wanted us out on April 30th. There was no way we could find something that fast so we had spoken and she agreed to let us stay till May 30th. That was on April 29th or so. Well a couple of days later, the floods hit here in TN, many people were displaced and finding a place to rent became even harder than before. We have found a place but can't be out until the 4th when it will be available. She wants $100 more - to be expected - but she wanted us out by 2pm, hmmmmm, sorry can't agree to that. We can't specify a time (and pay for the day and get only half). We need to be able to move all of our stuff out in one day. Plus she wants us to make sure the grass is done, which it already was last week and it is currently bleh outside and looks like rain, she wants us to paint - of which I agreed to paint where there was holes in the walls that had been fixed. The main bathroom is almost completely painted now - including the trim which she never finished since we moved in. Thankfully we have pics, lots and lots of pics that we took of things being fixed, painted etc. Since we wouldn't agree to getting out by 2pm she said she was going to "sue the hell out of" us. OK fine, what can we do? We have asked around 20 people every other day about a place to move and were just able to get one. We would love to be out of here already and not have to deal with this balogna but, as I have already said, it just wasn't possible. Thinking back over the times when she - turned off the electric on us on a holiday in February - President's Day, so that we all froze till the next day and had to come up with a $200 + deposit, to leaving us without water for 10 days after a bad storm tore up the well pipe, and all of the other aggravation, we REALLY do want to be out of here and done with this place.

Here's Alex & John taking turns mowing the lawn on May 15th. It was funny because Alex was out there using the push mower and our neighbor called & said the sound of it broke his heart so he called John over to grab his mower to use LOL

As you can see John kept mowing until it started to pour. I actually had to tell him to bring the mower back LOL At least it all got done, except for the roadside grass which actually get's done by the city/county (one of those lol).

So I refuse to be upset, if she takes us to court, then so be it, we tried every means possible to procure a home and weren't able to do so any sooner. From what I have seen here, the Judges and other legal officers are all very smart and reasonable people, and anyway, worrying isn't going to change anything, it'll just make me miserable.

Going to run for now, we are trying to clean and pack and I want to finish up my new kit before I close up my computer for the day,

Hugs to all and thanks for reading my ramblings LOL

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